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Based on PC high precision 3 d CNC engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Currently on the market of carving machine generally face the problem of low efficiency of processing, due to the high speed motorized spindle motor characteristics zhongheng power output frequency narrow limits, roughing and semi-finishing processing capacity is small, thus affecting the whole process of machining efficiency. In this paper, research and development of the product is a blend of milling and high speed engraving the common advantages of various technique indexes can achieve a higher level, the product accuracy has reached the leading level in the domestic similar products, and the acceleration of more than similar products. Using the Internet to control numerical control machine tool has the advantages of simple structure, fast data processing, and nc machine tools with Ethernet interface based on PC platform, which can realize DNC control, namely to one or more computer to implement distributed integrated digital control many sets of CNC machine tool. Servo motion control system based on PC is generally by industrial PC and motion controller, servo motors and drives, the feedback element. Nc machine tools used in system based on PC with low power consumption ULV cy young 400 high reliability, motion controller in the form of application software implementation, mainly USES the computer periphery connection first off bus standard. This kind of system has become a general computer standard application of the mainstream operating system, called & other; An open software CNC system & throughout; 。 Because of the real-time control software implementation by a PC, so choose real-time operating system, usually for non real-time operating system, you have embedded real-time kernel operation. Choose well-known German CNC system software company Power Automation of embedded real-time kernel to meet the requirements of real-time control. Machine parts of mechanical and electrical fittings chooses import cost-effective products. Motion controller based on PC of nc machine tools in the form of application software implementation. Besides support nc software users to customize their further open in also support users to customize the control strategy of the sports. Mainly USES the computer peripheral link relevant bus standard. It is the software of CNC system based on Windows NT / 2000, completed by PC, motor control logic control is performed by PLC built-in software system. Embedded real-time system kernel ( 实时内核) Can satisfy the requirement of real-time control.
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