How to Choose a Suitable Laser Cutter engraver


Hello, this is Linda, i am glad wrote this article of “ How to Choose a Suitable Laser Cutter Engraver” to help users choose the suitable laser machine to improve the successful development of their business. As a sales of laser engraver cutter factory, i had help many customers brought the suitable laser engraving cutting machine.


First, users should know his requirement of the laser cutter engraver plan to buy. Mainly should know probably what material to engrave or cut, how much the thickness and what’s the size of these material?


Because from the material to be engraved or cut we will know what machine is suitable, a laser engraver cutter or other machine like a cnc router? Usually a CO2 laser engraver cutter can do precise engrave and cut work of almost all nonmetal material include wood, mdf, leather, paper, fabric, ABS, plastic, acrylic, double color sheets, and co2 laser engraver can also engrave on glass, marble, ceramic, etc. But usually ceramic, glass and marble can only be engraved by a co2 laser engraver cutter, they can’t be cut.


Also, there is a mix co2 laser cutter engraver can engrave cut almost all nonmetal, but at the same time it can cut thin stainless steel and carbon steel with the auxiliary of oxygen. Usually this mix co2 laser cutter engraver need big power laser tube, more than 130W, so it mainly suit for cut work.


From the thickness of the material to be cut, users can get guide from supplier the laser tube power he may need. For example, cut 10mm acrylic 80W laser tube is ok, while cut 10mm MDF, need at least 150W laser tube. If budge is enough, we’d suggest little higher power for cutting work. Because higher power laser tube is powerful can cut faster, especially when cut wood plywood MDF, bigger power can avoid some carbonize of wood while cutting, so can have better cutting effect.


The size of the material is also important, because there are many model of laser engraving cutting machine for choice differ by worktable size, like 600x900mm, 1300*900mm, 1500*3000mm, users if mainly cut acrylic, a 1300*900mm 1390 laser cutting machine is the most popular. If users mainly cut paper, a 600*900mm may suit. Usually, the bigger the machine size, the higher the machine cost and also higher shipping freight, also users need consider if the workshop have enough room for a big machine.


Ok, now our users have a rough requirement of the laser engraver cutting machine he need. The second thing users need consider is where to buy the laser  cutter engraver ? From domestic supplier or import from other countries like China?


1) If budge enough, users can choose buy from domestic supplier, because they can offer to door install and training, and in case any problem, they can have technician to door in time if machine within warranty. Its is simple for buyer, but usually the machine cost is about 2-5 times when compared with machine buy from China.


2) Many end users choose buy from China directly, as China now is much powerful and have full experience in laser engraving cutting machine, many factories are with 10-20 years experience in laser machines. What’s more, a lot domestic distributors also import laser machines from China and retail in the local.


Transon CNC factory was found in 2010, we are with 10 years experience in laser engraver cutter, laser marker and cnc routers. Every year we attend trade fairs in different countries to meet our customer face by face, we had some agents in Euro countries who we provide OEM and ODM cnc machines. Transon think machine quality is the most important thing, we use all good components for our laser machines, that’s why we have many repeat customers who suggest by their friends to buy from us.


Buy laser engraving cutting machine from Transon, users no need worry. First, Transon machines quality very good as we use all good components, send together with the laser machine we send machine install video, users manual, software manual the 99% customer can install and calibrate by themselves after machine arrive. Before send out we will do full test and send machine test video and photos for confirm. Second, Transon offer 2 years warranty and whole life technical support, in case need help can find us by email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Tel, Video call, etc. We will solve the problem within 1 day. Third, Transon can customize the machine according your requirement, no MOQ. Fourth, Transon offer door to door service if users had not imported before. If need, Transon can also send technician to door to help install, training and maintain.


Now, if choose to buy from China, users can talk with supplier the laser machine details.

1, CO2 laser tube

Transon mainly use China top brand Reci glass tube, which with 10,000 hours life span and 12-18 month warranty, their quality good and price economical. We also use a lot RF metal tube like USA Synrad, Coherent, Rofin, RF tube mainly have 45000 hours life span and can be refill co2 gas, and RF tube with super thin laser beam and more stable. Users can choice according material and budget.


2, Transmission way of laser machine

Transon laser machine use USA imported CARLISLE brand belt, PMT square rail guide and easy servo motor, they can make sure laser machine working smooth, fast and precise. We also offer optional Yaskawa servo motor and Taiwan imported HIWIN guide.

3, Mirrors and focus lenses of the optical system

The laser engraving and cutting quality mainly depends on the quality of the built in the laser optical path mirrors and focus lenses as well as the type of coating laid on the optical elements. Transon use Wavelength brand ZnSe focus lens and Mo coating reflect mirrors, can meet the majority engraving cutting work of laser machine. The reflect mirrors we use is with MO coating, dia. 25mm. The ZnSe focus lens diameter is 20mm, focus length with 1.5”,2.0”,2.5” and 4” for choice, if customer no special requirement we will install 2.5” focus lens, users can buy extra lens if needed.

1.5” lens suit for precise engraving work.

2.0” lens suit for engrave work and cut of thin nonmetal.

2.5” lens suit for engrave work and cut of nonmetal no thicker than 10mm.

4.0” lens suit for cut work of nonmetal thicker than 10mm.


4,Control system

Transon now use Ruida RDC6445G control panel, compared with the old model 6442S, 6445G have the advantages below:


1), RDC6445G with 5” TFT screen, while RDC6442S is 3.5”.

2),With 0-9 full number keys, users can set users parameters and vendor parameters from the panel.

3), Add “Z+”/”Z-” and “U+” “U-” key, users can easy up down the lift worktable and auto feeding.

4), Add “Focus” key, users can easy auto focus when change material, no need use ruler to find focus length.

5), It can stop when framing and feeding.

6), Te motion algorithm has been optimized, the processing efficiency is higher and the processing effect is better.

7), It can diagnose IO ports to make it easy for users debug machines, and check IO accessories.


5, Safety

Laser machine safety is very important for users. Transon all laser engraver cutters are CE and FDA certified. What’s more, now Transon laser machines is high safety model:

1) The emergency button, key switch, led button all users can touch buttons are DC24V design, not 110V not 220V, this can make sure users safety when operate machine.

2) Transon laser machine with water flow signal line connect to water chiller, once water flown unscussful, the laser machine will stop work and no laser beam out in laser tube.

3) Machine hybrid Servo motor with damage protection function, whenever they detect damage from motor, machine will stop work, and no laser beam come out from laser tube, this can greatly improve security when machine work.


With reasonable price, good machine quality, fast and professional after sales service, Users can find a laser engraver cutter satisfied, hope Transon can be your good business partner in the future. Contact our sales for more details of Transon laser engraver cutter:



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