5 In 1 Multifunctional 1500w Handheld Laser Welding Machine Factory Price 5 In 1 Welding Machine with Raycus Max laser source


Hello,friends.This is a 5 functions in one fiber laser welding machine, also called 5 in 1 laser welder cutter cleaner, machine standard can do following work:


1. Metal Welding,
2. Welding Seam Cleaning 3. Metal Cutting, 4. Metal rust Cleaning
5. Lithium battery welding


With optional 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w power for choice. It have the special features below:


1) Laser Welder Cutter Cleaner 5 in 1.
2) Non-contact precise cleaning, with accurate location, precise size and selective cleaning.
3) No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmental protection.
4) Simple operation, the power can be charged, and the automatic cleaning
can be realized by hand or with the manipulator.



Laser welder cutter cleaner is widely used in various industries, such as ship deck repair, auto parts, outdoor fence rust painting remove, metal pillars, equipment, tire, rail, environmental protection and other industries. Machine with wire feeder, user can easy do parallel weld, vertical weld, of steel, aluminum, brass material.

The application range include: rust removal, oil removal, oxide layer removal, screw laser cleaning, Tire mold, paint removal, laser welding seam clean, etc.


Following samples for reference:
(The price in this page is standard for 1000W model, if interests in price of other power, feel free contact our sales, we will reply you asap.)


This versatile and affordable machine is loved by customers,you are welcome to contact us if there is any doubt weighing on your mind, Transon's professional team is at your service.

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