About the latest packaging of mini marking machine


About the latest packaging of mini marking machine

Hello everyone,today I will introduce you to the latest packaging of mini marking machine,it is Transon's one of the best-selling models.


It can be seen that our machine is small and lightweight, which is convenient for us to move and operate when we use.

The packaging of our laser products usually includes bubble wrap, transparent film, wooden box, etc., and can also be designed according to your requirements.

Inner package: For the inner packaging of the machine, we use foam.Its advantages are obvious.It can protect the machine from receiving damage to a great extent.

Middle package: After the machine completes the first step, we will use transparent film to fix it, which can play a better protective role.


Outside package: For the outermost packaging, we use a Strong wooden case.It can play a maximum protective role.The wooden box is free of fumigation, suitable for sea and air transportation.

This is not the first time that a customer has placed an order.

We can promise:Each machine, including the parts of each machine.

We will carefully test before delivery to ensure that you can use it normally.

I hope that our customers' business will get better and better and the scale will get bigger and bigger.

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