Auto focus Servo Motor CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3015 Raycus 1000W Cnc Fiber For Metal Steel


Hello,friends.This is Transon factory hot sale fiber laser cutting machine standard with 1500x3000mm working area and Raycus brand 1000w fiber laser source, it is a a fordable cheap fiber laser cutting machine, a idea enter level metal laser cutting machine . It can do precise, smooth and fast cut of metal sheet include stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet, titanium sheet, etc. Can be widely use to different industry like advertising industry, hardware tools, kitchenware, etc.


Main features of Transon fiber laser marking machine:
1. Raycus fiber laser source 1000w 2, Au3Tech auto focus cutting head 3, Yaskawa servo motors and driver 4, Japan Shimpo gearbox 5, Original PMI guides

3015 Fiber laser cutting machine Applications:

Applied Material:

Metal sheet include stainless steel, steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet, titanium sheet

Applied Industry:

machinery parts electrics, sheet metal fabrication, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, elevator panel, hardware tools, metal
enclosure, advertising sign letters, lighting lamps, metal crafts, decoration, jewelry, medical instruments, automotive parts and other metal cutting fields.



This versatile and affordable machine is loved by customers,you are welcome to contact us if there is any doubt weighing on your mind, Transon's professional team is at your service.

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