Why Use Blades Worktable Cut Acrylic Not Honeycomb Worktable?


One of our customers want buy a machine to cut 25mm acrylic. According his material size, we suggested our 1530 laser engraver cutter, as we believe our laser cutter can do the job perfectly.  

But when we refer to machine details, the customer want machine with honeycomb. According our 11 years experience in laser machines, we suggest blades worktable. 

As the honeycomb worktable is too density and reflective, the laser cut through the acrylic will be sure be reflected by the worktable to the back side of the acrylic, then hurt the back side.


But our dear customer only want honeycomb worktable, though machine with blades or honeycomb worktable is the same price, we don’t want our customer receive it to 

find the cutting effect not perfect. How to make him believe blades work better? It is easy, our factory have some finish co2 laser machine and acrylic sheet, 

we can test for him, and take photos and videos for reference. Following are the two worktable pictures.

Lets see the acrylic plane cut by honeycomb worktable and blades workable. Eyes can easily see the difference, 

the acrylic cut by honeycomb worktable is not smooth and somewhere burned black, while acrylic cut by blades worktable looks perfect.

Cutting videos:

Finally, our customer choose his 1530 Co2 laser engraving cutting machine with blades worktable happily. 

Machine picture below, this laser machine with 1500x3000mm working area, can do large area engrave and cut work. The laser power optional from 90W to 300W.

Maybe some customer not sure what worktable they will need when choice the laser machines, Transon give some suggests:

                                                                              1.Blades worktable: Suit for hard material cut, like MDF, wood, plywood, acrylic, etc. especially for thick material.

2. Honeycomb workable: As its surface is flat, it suit for soft material like leather, fabric, paper cut work and engrave work.

Anyway, if users have demands of cut both hard and soft material, Can also choose two worktable at the same time.

 Blades workable is fixed and honeycomb worktable on the top will be removable.


If you have any object or material want test, please send us, we will help test free and send you test video and photos,

 and suggest you the suitable parameter for CO2 laser cutting machine.



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