How CO2 Laser Marking Machine Work in Shoes Factory?


              A co2 laser engraving cutting machine is mainly use to engrave cut leathers, no matter PU or genuine leather. 

Such as for shoes industry, suitcase and bags industry, the cutting speed can be about 50mm/s. 

For shoes industry, there always requirement for cut tiny ventilation holes on leathers. 

Is there a faster way to cut tiny holes on leather for shoes industry?  This shoes factory find us to find the solution.

The answer is YES!  We suggested them galvanometer CO2 Laser marking machine. Machine picture below:

See the video of how our CO2 laser marking machine work in shoes factory:

This a CO2 galvanometer laser marking machine, we suggested a Reci W2 90W-100W laser tube. 

The field lens use is 300x300mm, thus can put two piece leather design in one file. After left leather finished cut, 

laser will cut to right part, at the same time, you can change the finished leather to plank leather. 

The Shoes upper leather part need cut down in advance before work on this laser marking machine.


As you can see the galvanometer cut very fast, the speed we use is 800mm/s, 

actually each hole will be cut 8 times. Just the speed is too fast, eyes can not see clearly how many times it cut. 

Finish cut one leather only need 10 seconds,one hour can finish 360 piece, then one day 8 hours can finish 2880 pieces. 

 What’s more,co2 laser marking machine cut leather effect is very good,the edge of the holes looks very good no black at all. 

This shoes factory was very satisfied with the effect and productivity and brought extra same machine one week later.


If you have any doubts of laser machine or want find a solution, welcome contact us, 

we will try our best help you and we support OEM !



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