How fiber laser marking machine mark 210x110mm logo on curved surface?


One of our customer want mark a 210x110mm size big logo on the side surface of their air compressor dia. 400mm. So, this logo need mark on a curved surface. 

Can fiber laser marking machine mark 210x110mm logo on curved surface?

According our design, the distance between the highest part and the lowest part of this logo is 29.78mm, it is within the focus distance of a 220x220mm field lens. 

So, customer can use a normal fiber laser marking machine to mark this logo, just need pair a 220x220mm field lens.

We find a stainless sheet and make it curved to simulate the test on curved surface. Now we test it on one of Transon desktop fiber laser marker, it is a Raycus 50W fiber laser marker with a 300x300mm field len. A normal 20W fiber laser marking machine is also ok to mark this logo. We just have this finished 50w fiber laser marker in stock at the moment.

After some test, the final parameters we set to mark is:

Speed: 1500mm/s          Power: 75%          Frequency: 80KHZ         Engraving line distance: 0.003mm

It took total 13min 45seconds to finish this logo.

See the working video on our youtube:

 The finished work,looks great!

If you have any object or material want test, please send us, we will help test free and send you test video and photos, and suggest you the suitable parameter for fiber laser marker.


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