How Transon Safely Pack CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Before Shipping


For Co2 laser engraving cutting machines, its size usually not small enough to ship by air express, 

so the most customer choose ship by sea, especially for big size laser cutting machine like 1290,  139016101325, 1530. 

For small size laser machines like 30504060, 6090 can still ship by air if customer need them urgently.


We totally understand ship by sea is a long trip until machine arrive customer’s factory. 

So, we pack our machine carefully enough in the following steps:


1, Uninstall accessories: After we fully test machine and sent test video and detail photos for customer confirmed,

 we will uninstall all accessories from laser machines.Include laser tubewater chiller, air fan and air hose, air pump power cables, etc. 


2, Clean the machine: We will use air compressor and vacuum cleaner to remove dust on laser machine, 

then wipe lubricating oil around guide, ball screws, screws, etc. to avoid rust.


3,Three layer package: All machine will wrap by a waterproof film, this is to avoid moist affect machine.

Middle layer with protective bubble film for protect machine. Out layer all plywood package, 

the bottom is with steel beam, enable forklift get it on off container safely.

4, Then some metal belt wrap on the out plywood package to film again the plywood box, then we stick the CE, shipping mark, etc.


Today we will have some laser machines waiting to load containers, let’s go to have a look in Transon factory! 

We welcome worldwide customer come to visit us!


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