How Laser Marking Machine Mark a Lot Animal Ear Tags


In farms there are always hundreds and thousands of animals, how to identify them? 

Yes, by wear animal ear tags. Each ear tag with different color, pattern, QR code or series number can help distinguish them easily. 

How to add these series number or QR code to so many animal ear tags? Our Fiber laser marking machine can help you.

See some ear tags fiber laser marking machine marked:

Customer can mark the ear tag one by one, but to do mass mark, customer can choose a bigger field lens like 200x200mm or 300x300mm.

Then make design first, like the following picture , then put different ear tags to the right position, there are inner red dot pointer can help easy position.

 If you have any doubts of how to make design, please contact Transon freely.

See how the fiber laser marking machine work:


Transon have this animal ear tag marking machine, usually 20W is ok to mark, but to improve working efficiency, 

we suggest a 50W model, it is more powerful, can mark better when improve mark speed.

If you have any object or material want test, please let us know or send us, 

we will help test free and send you test video and photos, and suggest you the suitable parameter.

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