Difference Between Ruida RDC6445G and RDC6442S Controller for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


Ruida comes out new controller RDC6445G, it has some advantages when compared with the RDC6442S version. 

Transon offer both controller, we conclude some difference of them for users.


1, Two control panel outlook difference, RDC6445G with 5” TFT screen, 6442S is 3.5 inch screen.

2, Language control panel supports different: 6445G support extra Japanese language


                                                                              3, Other advantage of RDC6445G:


                                                                              1, With 0-9 full number keys, users can set parameters and vendor parameters from the panel.

                                                                              2, Add “Z+”/”Z-” and “U+” “U-” key, users can easy press keys to up down the lift worktable and

                                                                                  auto feed front back material.

                                                                              3, Add “Focus” key, users can easy auto focus when change different thickness material, 

                                                                                  no need use ruler to find focus length.

                                                                              4, Add manual and continuous switch keys to make it easy for users to precise position.

                                                                              4, It can stop when framing and feeding.

                                                                              5, Te motion algorithm has been optimized, the processing efficiency is higher and the processing 

                                                                                  effect is better.

                                                                              6, It can diagnose IO ports to make it easy for users debug machines, and check IO accessories.


 Transon offer both RDC6442S and RDC6445G, but we suggested install RDC6445G controller for 

CO2 laser machine with electric up down worktable, with auto focus function or for the auto feed fabric laser cutting machine.


Following some Transon CO2 laser machine with RDC6445G controller:

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