Solutions for toolbar missing in MM3D software for 3D dynamic laser marking machines


                                                           The standard software for a 3D dynamic fiber laser marking machine is MM3D(MarkingMate3D). 

                                                           But users may find the toolbar sometimes missing when he open the MM3D? 

                                                           No problem, Transon tell you how to solve it. Please check following suggestion A and B:


                                                      A. Solve by resetting the toolbar

                                                     B:If solution A can't solve your problem, please check below solutions:

                                                     If after opening software, EzDraw software appears, see as below steps:

                                                  Please refer to the following 2 steps to solve the problem:

                                                   1. Please go to route C:\Windows and confirm if file "MM27.INI" still exists.


                                                   If using MarkingMate 2.7D version software, look for file " MM27D.INI".

                                                   If using MM2.7Dx64 version software, look for file : "MM27Dx64.INI".

                                                   If using MM3D version software, look for file "MM3D.INI".

                                                   If customization version , please look for its specific INI file name.

                                                   If the file still exists, please open and check if contents in red square below are missing or not.

                                                   1.1 If files "MM27.INI", "MM3D.INI" ... are lost or contents are missing, please go to control panel to uninstall your software,

                                                    then re-install it.

                                                   1.2 If files exist and contents is not missing, please go to path C:\Users\"User Name"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows, 

                                                    see as below:

                                           Delete file "MM27.INI" or "MM3D.INI" and restart software.

                                                    2. The toolbar missing maybe caused by could be caused by system authority, please start software by "Run as administrator".

                                                    Note:Some solutions from KINGYU SOFTWARE company.

                                                    Transon 3D curve surface dynamic focusing laser marking machine is with upgrade marking system and software, it can quickly 

                                                    adjust laser focus length when marking on curve surface and big size object to achieve better marking effect. 3D laser marking 

                                                    machine is widely used in marking logo, design, expiry date, serial batch number, code, etc. in the industry of mobile 

                                                    manufacture, cubic circuits, medical equipment, mould, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communication, etc.


                                                    Transon factory have different 3D fiber laser marking machine on sale: 

                                                                                       Some 3D sample for reference:

                                                                                              Some videos for reference:


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