Factory Sale Mini CNC Router TSA6090 Wood Carving Machine for Advertising


Factory Sale Mini CNC TSA6090 Router Wood Carving Machine


Hello,friend.Do you want one such machine: one of this kind suitable for advertising engraving and cutting, stone processing, craft manufacturing, etc.This machine can meet your needs.

Here is the machine picture:



1. The whole machine body is cast aluminum, which has strong bearing and makes the machine work stably

2. It adopts high precision rack and linear guide which can eliminate the gap automatically,Advertising CNC Router takes ballscrew structure, which guarantees the precision

3. High-power water-cooled brushless frequency conversion spindle, which is durable and has a strong cutting power

4. Using high-speed driver, stepping motor, which improves work efficiency.

5. Unique dustproof, waterproof device, which effectively keep mechanical transmission part clean, rustless, and makes the maintenance more easily

6. Table moving design, more precision.

7. Strong compatibility, suitable for all kinds of numerical control software: Artcam type3, Pore,  Castmate, and various CAD/CAM software. It can easily make anaglyph, gravure and three-dimensional art words, etc

8. Provide with power off protection.

9. Very easy operate for begginer.


Suitable foe industry:                                                                                    

For metal processing industry, advertisement engraving and cutting, billboard industry, cutting plate production, LED/ neon light through, literally shaped hole cut, stone processing,mold manufacturing, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, building model cutting, indoor decoration cutting,light equipment mold processing,sign manufacturing, acrylic board processing

Beside above the Transon CNC Router also can be widely use for architechrural models schools, companies and governments.

Suitable for materials:                                                                                   

This machine special design for metal processing, like gold, silver, brass, aluminum, etc. Samples show you below:


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