Transon 600x600mm Dynamic Focusing CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Traditional CO2 galvo laser marking machine can mark the max 300x300mm area, 

and the marking effect of the edge not as good as the center.How to solve the problem? 

Transon new design dynamic focusing CO2 laser marking machine can help.

This dynamic focusing co2 laser marking machine with 600x600mm big marking area, 

its high quality CO2 laser beam expander and focusing lens can meet the requirement for big working area long continuous work. 

The dynamic focusing system make sure whole 600x600mm worktable mark the same perfect.

Machine video: 


Sample show:

Machine features:

                                                                                                               1, 600x600mm big format marking

                                                                                                               2, Dynamic focus whole worktable mark the same perfect

                                                                                                               3, USA Synrad 60W air cooling RF tube, super thin laser beam precise marking effect.

                                                                                                               4, Full enclosed design with electric up down scan head

                                                                                                               5, Industry PC with windows 10 operate system and big LCD monitor

                                                                                                               6, Wide application for almost all nonmetal material mark like wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, leather, plastic, paper.

                                                                                                               7, Fast cutting of thin material like leather, paper, fabric.


If users think 600x600mm marking area not enough, Transon can do the max 1200x1200mm marking area. Want know more details, please contact us freely.



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