355nm UV 3W ( 5W optional) Laser Marking Machine for Plastic Glass Paper Cloth Wood Metal


355nm UV 3W ( 5W optional) Laser Marking Machine for Plastic Glass Paper Cloth Wood Metal

With the progress of living standards, we have higher and higher requirements for material living standards, products should not only have applicable value, but also exquisite. 

The pursuit of personalization has become a part of people's lives,Ultraviolet laser marking machine can mark plastic, metal, silica gel, glass, PP, rubber, and can engrave on glass or crystal materials well. Compared with traditional glass processing technology, ultraviolet laser marking machine makes up for the past. The processing accuracy is not high, the drawing is difficult, and the environment is polluted. The UV laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing, so that the glass surface will not be damaged by external force, and will not produce cracks. For marking on glass or crystal surfaces.

Product sample display:

230804UV打标树叶.3.jpg    uploads/www.transoncnc.com/images/16930165726072.jpg

We tried to mark the image on the leaves, the effect is very good, the image is clear and high precision.Perfect marking effert.


1. High-quality laser beam, small-size spot, can do super precise marking & engraving.

2. Perfect marking performance:

(1) Short UV wavelength 355nm reduces heat effect on work piece;

(2) Precise marking effect and available repeatable marking;

(3) High precision scanning galvanometer laser head;

(4) Extraordinary fine spot guarantees perfect marking performance;

(5) Permanent mark.

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