TS1610 Dual Heads CO2 Laser Cutter Machine Auto Feeding Fabric Laser Cutting Machine


TS1610 Dual head auto feeding table fabric leather fabric laser cutting machine

Hello,friends.Transon TS1610 Dual head auto feeding CO2 laser cutting machine with auto feed worktable and auto feed frame, support engrave cut material in rolls like fabric, leather, paper, etc.


Product features:
Specially designed for fabric cutting. for fabric rolls, we have laser cutter with auto feeder.
1.Auto feeding table, more convenient and efficient for soft materials processing.
2.Suitable for mass production of large and medium-sized enterprises, as well satisfy the production needs of small enterprises and individual processors.
3.Machine working speed and laser power output can be adjusted in real time, greatly facilitating user's operation.
4.High-performance laser engraving and cutting control system.
5.Applicable to various fabrics, smooth cutting edge without fins or burrs.


Auto Feed Frame With automatic correction function,More convenient to use without manual adjustments.

Many customer buy it as garment laser cutting machine,leather cutting machine, paper cutting machine, etc.


Applicable materials:
Cotton cloth, linen cloth, leather, paper, chemical fiber and other textile and garment fabrics.

Application area:
Sofa release, curtain fabrics, carpets, outdoor tents, coated fabrics, tarpaulins, car interiors, home textiles and various
textile products personalized customization, etc. Suitable for cutting various flexible soft materials, hollowing out, etc.


This versatile machine is loved by customers,you are welcome to contact us if there is any doubt weighing on your mind, Transon's professional team is at your service.

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