The first day of the 2019 Indonesia Exhibition

We now produce more than 40 models CNC and Laser equipment, includes Laser marking machine, Laser Engraving machine, Laser Cutting machine, CNC Router, CNC Plasma Cutting machine and so on. Our Laser Marking machine includes Co2 Laser Marking machine which used for nonmetal material mark and cut, Fiber Laser Marking machine which used for metal and some nonmetal mark and cut; Our Laser Engraving Cutting machine are also widely used in various fields, like art craft engraving cutting, stone engraving, cloth, leather and textile cutting, metal cutting, hobby and so on. Our CNC Router is a more applied equipment for Industry. They are mainly used in woodworking and advertising lines. Then our CNC Plasma Cutting machine is mainly used in metal cutting work.

Looking forward to your consultation, you can also visit us at www.transoncnc.com to learn about us.

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