How to use a laser marking machine to mark/engrave colors on ceramics


How To Use A Laser Marking Machine To Mark Engrave Colors On Ceramics

Ceramics colored paper pictures:



1. Cut the ceramic colored paper to suitable size slightly larger than the area you want engrave.Soak it in clean water for one minute, then the colored layer will separate from the bottom white layer automatically.


2.Paste the colored layer (only white side face to ceramic, if colored side face to ceramic will affect engrave effect) on the ceramics surface where you want engrave. Make sure the paper paste flat no wrinkes. Then wipe clean water on the surface, wait some minutes or dry it by a hair drier.


3. Then engrave the logo on the ceramic colored paper by a laser marking machine.


4. After the engrave finish, wait until it complete dry. After soak the ceramic into water for 5 minutes, you can remove the colored paper.


Type of laser engraving machine for colored paper:

1. co2 laser engraving machine, marking machine

2. Fiber laser marking machine

3. Semiconductor laser marking machine

4. Ultraviolet laser marking machine


Applicable material of colored paper:

Ceramics (such as cups, saucers, toilets, etc.), plexiglass, crystal, jade, plastic, epoxy resin, acrylic and other non-metallic products.

Samples show you as below:

uploads/www.transoncnc.com/images/16836222834282.jpg   uploads/www.transoncnc.com/images/16836226168706.jpg

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