What Is The Minimum Text A Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Mark?


For some users do super thin and precise mark work, they always want to know what’s the minimum text a fiber laser marking machine can mark? 

Normally the fiber laser marking machine says for English the minimum is 1x1mm. But Transon had successfully help customer test mark only 0.5mm high text on metal.


Customer send us some tool bits which widely use on cnc router for test. The samples are very small, with length only 38mm.

We use one of Transon hot sale desktop Raycus 20W desktop fiber laser marking machine to test. Machine picture:

This fiber laser marking machine can mark text, QR code, series number, pictures on all metal material, mainly use for mark on tools, 

metal parts, jewelry, firearms . It can also mark perfect on some nonmetal include plastic, leather, ABS, rubber, double color sheet, etc. 

What’s more, a big power can also do some cut work of thin metal sheet by mark many times. Following some marking samples for reference:

After some tests, we find a idea parameters, see our test video below:

Raycus 20W 5% power, 110x110mm lens, 500mm/s speed, filling line distance 0.01mm.


The final finished sample with 0.5m high text marked, looks perfect!

So, it is no problem for Transon fiber laser marking machine mark 0.5mm high text on tool bits.

Surely to improve marking efficiency, we can help design a module for user to do mass mark in a time. We will make design of module,

 do design of marking files, and help find the suitable parameters, our users can use machines directly after receive the machine.


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