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The usefulness of CNC engraving machine PLC state display function

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Many numerical control system has function of PLC status display, use the function of PLC input and output can be shown, the instantaneous state of the timer, counter, etc, and content. According to the working principle of machine tool and machine tool manufacturers to provide electrical schematic diagram, by monitoring the corresponding state, some faults can be diagnosed. The most faults of CNC engraving and milling machine by PLC device detected, PLC to detect the fault mechanism is compiled by running the machine tool manufacturers for a particular machine PLC ladder diagram ( The program) , according to a variety of input, output, state logic, if found the problem, generate alarm and alarm information generated on screen. So for some PLC fault alarm, or some no warning of the failure, can be based on the analysis of PLC ladder diagram of fault diagnosis, use the ladder diagram of the NC system display or closed to programmer online tracking the operation of the ladder diagram, can improve the speed and accuracy in the diagnosis of fault. For some of the involved control system failure, sometimes it is not easy to confirm which part has a problem, to ensure no further damage cases, by substituting the spare control panel control panel, in question is a effective way to accurately locate fault point, sometimes with other machine tools on the control panel of the same kind of control system swap will be more rapid diagnosis fault ( At this time to ensure that will not damage to the good boards) 。
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