Transon TN6090 30W RF Tube Cutting Ability


Transon TN6090 30W RF Tube Cutting Ability

What kind of work is the 30w laser machine used for?

Engraving of wood, mdf, plywood, bamboo, acrylic, leather, glass, two-color board, stone, etc.,

Cutting of thin materials such as paper, cloth and leather.

As mentioned above, 30W laser tubes are usually recommended for engraving in the laser industry, so do you want to know how much cutting capability 30W RF tubes have? Let's test it today:


Testing materials: Acrylic 3mm, 5mm and 9.5mm

Testing machine: Co2 laser machine

Testing model: TN6090

Testing laser tube: 30w RF China made tube

Testing machine show:

First, lets try to cut 3mm acyrlic with Transon Brand TN6090 30w Co2 laser machine:

1. Cutting speed 15mm/s, power 90%, it is cut well.

Sample as below:

2. Cutting Speed 18mm/s, power 90%, can not cut through

Second, lets try to cut 5mm acyrlic with Transon TN6090 30w Co2 laser cutting and engraving machine:

Cutting speed 6mm/s, power 90%, perfect cut!

Samples as below:

Third, some friends want to know how thickness acrylic Transon TN6090 with 30w co2 laser machine can cut, lets try:

Cutting speed 1mm/s, power 99%, cutting 9.5mm acyrlic, it is cut through well.

Sample as below:

Through the test, we found that the cutting ability of the 30WRF laser tube is very strong, except engraving jobs, it is also possible to do some cutting work.


Testing video:

1. 3mm acyrlic cutting by Transon TS6090 30w RF tube co2 laser cutting and engraving machine :


2. 6mm acyrlic cut by Transon TN6090 30W co2 laser machine


3. 9.5mm acyrlic cutting by Transon TS6090 30w RF tube co2 laser machine


Machine detials please check:


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