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Laser products may cause damage to the human body

by:Transon     2021-03-18
The laser is a high-brightness, high-power, high-energy beam. Intense laser irradiation can cause burns to the human skin. It can also cause damage if it is directly shot into the eyes or reflected from a bright (mirror-like) surface. , Can cause permanent damage to the eyes and even blindness. Therefore, avoid placing any part of the body in the laser's light path and pay special attention to the protection of eyes and skin to prevent injury.
Different types of lasers cause additional damages to the human body. In laser processing, CO2 and YAG lasers are usually used the most. YAG laser may damage the retina of the eye. Because the YAG laser wavelength has extremely high transmittance to the eye, it is more harmful. The main hazard of CO2 laser burns to the cornea of ??the eye. Both types of laser irradiation may cause eye cataracts and burns to the skin. Therefore, when adjusting the laser, it is necessary to adopt corresponding protective measures according to the laser type.
At the same time, pay attention to fire protection. During laser processing, auxiliary gas is often used, and sparks splash during processing, which may cause fire hazards. Therefore, it is forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials in the work area and provide corresponding preventive facilities.
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