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Large dragon post stone carving machine how to choose?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Dragon is a prosperous auspicious meaning, identity honourable man can wear, along with the development of The Times, stone carving dragon post began to appear, the meaning of dragon post as the indomitable spirit, also as a modern art treasures, passing on Chinese culture. Dragon post is commonly used in gardens, temples and campus, tombstone, villas, etc. Large aluminum plate engraving machine modern sculpture technology more advanced and consummate, panlong lifelike. Remove after the feudal ideas, dragon columns are widely used, a sharp increase in demand for carving factory need to batch production, have been buying bull engraving equipment. Now huawei CNC for dragon post carving industry research and development of airborne major bull dragon post stone carving, rotary torque force is big, big cutting force, machinable large dragon post, stability is strong, has been widely used. Large aluminum plate engraving machine a large stone dragon post in more than 40 cm in diameter, and length in 1. More than 5 meters, bull sculpture at the same time, strength of stone carving machine rigid requirements, Warwick CNC bull dragon post stone carving machine frame is the exclusive design, detail processing, maximum use rigid structure to achieve the required standards; Z axis and reinforced belt, strengthen the resistance coefficient, more stable under the knife, the cutting force is stronger; Axis of exclusive design, 360 · rotate without clearance, torque force is big, fixed and firm, not slip; Combining with the advanced system support, professional CNC machining system, simple operation, stable performance, powerful, have power to continue, processing time prediction, carved powerful functions such as simulation. Warwick CNC large dragon post stone carving machine optional single head, 2, 4, 6, 8, diameter can be selected according to actual condition. Large aluminum plate engraving machine
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