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How to choose and buy woodworking CNC engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for machining of wood, to make it more beautiful. Various types of woodworking engraving machine sold on the market at present, the quality of the product price also is uneven, so need to choose carefully when buy, here are five key points to help you choose and buy woodworking engraving machine. A, look at the size of the engraving machine wide customer demand should be according to the business and financial conditions, the choice suits own engraving machine type and the size of power. Second, pay attention to the carving machine spindle motor spindle motor is an important parts of computer engraving machine, the performance of computer engraving machine has vital effects on the performance of the machine. Machining spindle is usually divided into two categories: precision machining spindle and high power to cut off the spindle. Three, is carving machine control and speed control mode can be divided into three types: now the choice of A, all the operation should be completed with computer control, carving machine computer is in working status, at work can't be other layout work, such may be solid waste caused by the wrong operation. B, using single-chip microcomputer control, the controller can undertake typesetting in engraving machine working at the same time, but can't shut down computer, this is actually equivalent to a savings and a computer, and to reduce the waste caused by the wrong operation of the computer. C, using USB port to transmit data, the system has more than 32 m memory capacity. Just save the file, you can immediately without the computer, shut down the computer or other layout. This approach greatly improved the engraving machine work efficiency. Four, attention should be paid to the guide rail large-format engraving machine of square must broaden import guide rail, the load capacity and ability to maintain accuracy is more than 30 times that of circular guide rail, to ensure the high quality high speed engraving machine. Small five, is engraving machine precision problem wide machine carved 1 mm characters, or large format engraving machine carved. 5 mm small, under a magnifying glass to see very clear.
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