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How to avoid the problem that the cutter often encounters the table when the engraving machine is working

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Friends who have used engraving machines should have encountered the problem of props touching the table top, which is easy to cause damage to the table top and tools. So in order to reduce the damage to the engraving machine tool and table top, we also need to take some preventive measures to avoid the emergence of this kind of situation, the following are some methods that can be tried. The first is the parameter setting problem. When the engraving machine is positioned on the z axis, it is not to let the knife touch the material surface, but to remove the material and let the knife directly touch the table, in this place, the Z axis is reset first, and then the corresponding height is increased according to the cutting depth set in Wentai. Here, the Z axis is reset. This is the origin of the Z axis. According to the setting depth of Wen Tai Li, the engraving machine goes down to the lowest point, which is the place where our door returns to zero for the first time, just above the table top, thus ensuring that the material is completely engraved without hurting the table top of the engraving machine. Secondly, it is better to add a protection board on the surface of the engraving machine. For example, the engraving machine of the vacuum adsorption table can put a thin aosong board on the table. The aosong board itself is loose and breathable and will not affect the vacuum adsorption capacity, it also effectively avoids the problem of tool injury and table top caused by inaccurate origin setting. Even if the above treatment is done during the use of the table top of the engraving machine, it is inevitable that there will be accidental scratches in the long-term use. At this time, it is necessary to re-mill the platform surface, when the electric board or PVC on the table top is too thin, you can re-lay a layer. In addition, it should be noted that when the machine leaves the factory, in order to prevent the damage to the platform in the logistics transportation, it is generally necessary for the after-sales personnel to re-mill the platform surface when the door is installed and debugged. The above is a good way to avoid the problem that the cutting tools often encounter the table when the engraving machine is working. I hope it can help everyone to use the engraving machine.
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