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High speed engraving and milling machine installation considerations

by:Transon     2020-04-18
High speed engraving and milling machine installation need to notice: 1. Machine tools are in place to stand or smooth bed body frame put must be strong. The random distribution of ground screw twist in the ground screw hole in the machine tool base, screwing in depth shall not be less than 25 mm. Stand and bed body is all-in-one, the fastening screw whether to strength, with the hand twist in place, after using a wrench with tight gently. After machine on the base or frame in place, be sure to adjust the four anchor, let each anchor and base or rack installation plane reliable contact and ensure the machine working mesa level. CNC carving milling mechanical and electrical control cabinet should be placed in a well ventilated, cutting hard to splash. Use a clean silk cloth to wipe the X, Y, Z axis guide and screw on the protection of butter. 2. In the machine tool connection according to the manual machine electric diagram and coolant pipeline - - - - - - - Check the number connection. Connection is paying special attention to cleaning and reliable plug and seal, and check the presence of loose and damaged cable plug in, be sure to tighten the fastening screws, ensure reliable contact, tubing, pipe connection, to prevent foreign bodies from the interface into the line, each joint should tighten. After the cable and pipe connection, to make the line of fixed in place. Electric control cabinet must be grounded on the tip of the grounding connected spindle coolant tank by the requirement, the main day motor cooling fluid to use automobile antifreeze. 3. Electric commissioning electricity must be clear: to verify the current control system requirements of power supply and power supply. Must be with silk cloth to wipe the X, Y, Z axis guides and screw on the protection of butter. In the coolant and the cutting fluid box into the coolant and cutting fluid. With testing software for electronic control cabinet appliances, observe the 'input' is correct, the data bits switch three axis X, Y, Z, manually check whether the work is normal, whether the cursor and travel switch. Enter the system using hand moves continuously each axis, accurate calibration origin, check whether the repositioning precision machine tool is within the allowed error range. Check the normal work of the auxiliary function and accessories, for example, machine lights; Can check whether the nozzle is normal.
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