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High-speed CNC machine processing principle

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Engraving and milling machine is the collection of engraving and milling nc machine tools, including high-speed CNC machine is a direction in the development of engraving and milling machine. High-speed CNC machine control system is in accordance with the digital control machine tool spindle end active start-stop, a program's instructions directional control and variable speed, can the initiative control of feed speed, direction and processing way, carry on the processing, can choose according to size of tools to adjust the turning and walking track, can end demand in the processing of all kinds of auxiliary action. But how the high-speed CNC machine processing? 1, when we use CNC high speed machining parts, usually need to control the action of machine tools, one is the manipulation of the action sequence, the second is the manipulation of the displacement of the moving parts of the machine. 2, choose CNC high speed machining parts, only need to parts graphics, process and technical parameters, etc, in the form of digital information into program code input to the machine tool control system, and after processing by the command signal to drive servo mechanism, harmonious movements and manipulation of the machine tool parts, actively processing parts. 3, when replacing processing target, only need to write code from scratch, input to the machine, CNC high speed by nc equipment instead of most of the functions of the human brain and hands, the manipulation of the machining process, to produce the parts we need more is the principle of CNC high speed machining.
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