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The method of making stone engraving machine radian is actually not difficult

by:Transon     2020-04-06
Many users do not know how to make its Radian when operating the stone engraving machine, resulting in a lot of trouble. In fact, the radian manufacturing method of stone engraving machine is not very difficult. If you don't know how to operate it, follow the method introduced by the following small series. Nowadays, many places use stone engraving machines to carve coffins. In fact, Stone engraving machine is a kind of woodworking engraving machine, but I don't know how to make the radian on the stone engraving machine. Let me give you a brief introduction. Generally, those who make longevity wood carvings often make reliefs on boards with curved surfaces. The carving on the cambered surface of the exquisite carving software is called projection carving. This carving method is to project the path to the curved surface according to the vertical direction of the processing surface, which is mainly used to engrave characters or lines on the curved surface, or carve some patterns. It is different from package carving, which projects the path onto the surface according to the principle of constant length. When the projected surface is flat, there is not much difference between projection engraving and package engraving. However, when the projected surface is steep, projection engraving will cause serious deformation of the path at the steep surface. However, package carving does not work. It is like putting the path on a rubber film and then rolling the rubber film on the curved surface of the package. If the surface cannot be expanded, the wrap path will also be deformed. Path deformation can be reduced by adjusting the package center and package direction. The ArtCAMPro software is called Feature processing. The feature processing is mainly to do some relief, words, lines, patterns, etc. on curved surfaces, cambered surfaces, convex and concave surfaces. The above are all about the introduction of the radian production method of the stone engraving machine. It can be said that it is very clear. I don't know if you have any questions about this?
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