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High-speed CNC machine has what kinds of operating modes

by:Transon     2020-04-23
High-speed CNC machine has the following three operating modes: 1, automatic operation mode refers to the automatic operation mode, work ready before processing program of action, and then import the machine tool movement system, the system will automatically identify trajectory, start to the carving path can automatically complete production, without manual intervention, if loading process, high-speed CNC machine itself can be automatically identified. 2, point operation mode point move operation mode really belongs to one of the manual operation mode, inching operation mode, the operator need manual operation carved machine, such as portable box, computer keyboard, hand pulse generator and other components to control the machine tool. When the operator controlled by the CNC high speed machine button signal movement, machine tools will keep on moving until the signal disappears. 3, incremental mode increment operation mode also belong to the type of manual operation mode, the increment operation mode, the operator is also by manual operation equipment, such as hand pulse generator, computer keyboard, holding a box button control machine tool. Unlike inching control mode, the operator from the press to loosen, the machine movement only setting up a good distance. In other words, the operator through the increment operation way, operators can accurately control the movement of a high-speed CNC machine. High-speed CNC machine operating modes is introduced here.
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