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High-speed CNC engraving and milling machine is in use from time to tome what requirements?

by:Transon     2020-04-23
High-speed CNC engraving and milling machine is a new type of roller of CNC machine tools and the birth of it, to make up for a general nc machine tools ( Milling machine, drilling machine, etc. ) Processing a single function, and high cost of processing center processing small products, for the development of manufacturing industry in China provides a kind of high performance of the new type of machine tool products, is the new army in the machine tool industry in China. So the high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine at the time of use have any requirements? A, the position of the high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine, should be far away from the source, should be reflected and the influence of thermal radiation, prevent sun direct to prevent moisture and the influence of the air. Such as high speed CNC engraving and milling machine full source, should should be set up around the machine vibration ditch. Otherwise will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the high speed CNC engraving and milling machine, makes the electronic components poor contact, seizures, affect the processing of sex. Second, the power supply device in the machining workshop, request the ordinary machining center is not only environmental temperature change is big, poor use condition, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, the power grid to shake. Therefore, the location of the device for high-speed CNC carving and milling machine, have strict control demand supply voltage. Power supply voltage moved must be within the scope of the permit, and adhere to the relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal work of the machine tool numerical control system. Three, high-speed CNC carving and milling machine environment temperature taken in less than 30 degrees, relative humidity is less than 80%. General speaking, the numerical control electric cabinet with internal fan or cooling fan, to insist on electronic components, especially the central disposer working temperature or constant temperature difference is very small. High temperature and humidity control systems will incur components reduced life spans, and cause problems. The increasing of temperature and humidity, dust will increase bonding in integrated circuit boards, and cause a short circuit. Four, according to the applied to clarify the rules of the book, high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine operator when using, shall not be arbitrarily change the parameters of the control system within the factory setting.
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