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Fabric laser cutting machine, let the goddess is closer to you

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Throughout the history of clothing, clothing culture has a long history, Chinese and foreign clothing each has his strong point, but the pursuit of fashion, with a passion for the fashion regardless of national boundaries. Clothes make the man, Buddha depends on gold. In the era of the spell level in appearance, you don't have any reason to let oneself become beautiful? Appearance is born, temperament is to build on your own. The demon and the dissatisfied housewife, which do you want to be more? What all don't want to, then you want to be a goddess? You know, your goddess distance is only a distance fabric laser cutting machine.

this is a built-in beauty effect of laser cutting machine, fabric for garment industry, plush cloth cutting production, can be all kinds of fabrics for accurate cutting of any graphics, can be equipped with feeding device, to realize the automatic continuous cutting. Both plush fabric, ramie cotton, chemical fiber and other clothing material, can help designers to achieve the design blue print of the heart. For you with their own unique style. Can be ruili, hip hop, lady, day of wind, han edition, and the college of Europe and the United States, and commuter, neutral, hip-hop, pastoral, OL, streets, Bohemian style, fabric laser cutting machine bring beauty, let you be amorous feelings.

you want to know how to look for fabric laser cutting machine? China laser laser equipment factory to quietly tell you, China CMA1610 - laser equipment factory 场效应晶体管, C automatic feeding laser cutting machine, fabric laser cutting machine. Fast curvilinear cutting function, it can cut via any curve fast continuous cutting, the laser heads moving in beautiful fox line of top grade racing car. Comprehensive support design software, such as CAD, CORELDRAW, tajima, friendly man-machine interface, live close to the industry needs; Multi-function document function, can work offline, the mass production of 128 different products, all optical coupling isolation system with high speed differential input and output circuit design, long distance transmission distortion when the signal is not; E type blade mesh belt adopts aviation aluminum, die drawing, light weight, stable structure, not deformation, not wandering.

summer arrived, you need to have some ice cream color long skirt, melting during the summer. In the winter, you need to fire the down jacket, like burning the whole winter. Large banquet, you need to come to a elegant dress to reveal the unique charm and temperament. The wedding, you need a white wedding dress to witness the life the happiest moment! Running a fabric laser cutting machine, create the most fashionable clothing art, and these beautiful clothing, minute minute light goddess of fire for you!
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