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Do you know the specific installation steps of engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-03-08
Generally, I will go through the installation work before using the engraving machine, but there are many parts of the engraving machine, so many people are not so smooth in the installation process, and often encounter some troubles. So do you know how to install the engraving machine? If you don't know, you can look at the following introduction: 1) Engraving Machine installation process: place the engraving machine on a plane, and adjust the four corners of the engraving machine body. It is recommended to adjust the table to the level with a level gauge. Fix the vacuum tube bracket on the side of the z-axis handpiece and the bed bracket respectively. There are screws on the fixed parts, and the bracket is installed on it after being removed. Water is injected into the water tank, and the spindle cutting motor is cooled with water. Installation Instructions for engraving machine and accessories: connect four power lines at the back of the left chassis of the engraving machine to three-phase power, one of which is black and needs to be connected to the zero line. Take out the control handle from the accessory box and connect the machine line to the top of the box, press the main switch, the display screen of the handle will be bright, indicating whether to return to the original point, press the OK key to return to the original point, the machine will start to move, and the Z axis will rise to the top, x-AXIS back to left Y-AXIS back to body front. Check whether the water pump is working properly. The dust suction cover with a brush is put into the bottom of the spindle cutting motor, and the brush should be lower than the position of a knife at the spindle clip. Of course, this position is adjustable, mainly to have a good dust suction effect. Install vacuum tube. There are three dust collectors, two of which are as long and thin, and one of which is thick and long. The other end needs to be connected to the top of the vacuum cleaner. There are three suction ports of the vacuum cleaner, one of which is equipped with a sealing cover and the other two are connected to the head. If you only need one, you can seal the other mouth with adhesive tape. The above is a very detailed introduction to the installation steps of the engraving machine. Generally, it is not wrong for everyone to follow the above steps.
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