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Demand will promote the development of engraving and milling machine market

by:Transon     2020-04-19
The change of the mode of production will bring a new market space. Since this kind of machine tool developed machining center, in one of the machine tool industry has been put forward, such as the function of machining center is too full, with the high cost of processing small products; Also, in order to be able to processing small products, BT40 spindle of machining center are generally required to achieve more than 20000 r/min, not only brings to the design and manufacture is quite difficult, the cost is too high. Based on these considerations, the enterprise will try to process the function of the small products separated from the processing center, the formation of a new type of machine tool. CNC engraving and milling machine and thus arises at the historic moment. The birth of the nc carving and milling machine, to make up for a single universal CNC machine processing function, and the high cost of processing center processing small products, for the development of manufacturing industry in China provides a kind of high performance of the new type of machine tool products, is the new army in the machine tool industry in China.
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