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Three process engraving machine engraving machine with ordinary single head difference in there?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Many customers that make wooden door, cabinet door, at the time of consultation engraving machine, general manufacturers can recommend to you three process engraving machine dedicated cupboard door, just contact with engraving machine for some people, don't understand three process engraving machine manufacturers say is what meaning, today let's discuss it in detail and what is the difference between ordinary single head woodworking machine? First of all we have to explain why the cabinet door engraving machine use most is three working procedure, or a dual process, four processes. Multistep woodworking engraving machine is better than common single head carving machine is more complex, more powerful some equipment. Do the cabinet door all know, most common on the cabinet door also is to go a contour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, lettering three process, in this process, in three knife can, and three processes woodworking engraving machine is solved the problem, to avoid the trouble in the knife, improved the production efficiency. Woodworking engraving machine three jobs, just as its name implies, is to do the three process of woodworking machine, three head adopt cylinder control, can be arbitrary switching, customers can easily finish design of multiprogramming ( Machining tool change within the three) That saves manual tool change among trival, suitable for wood, furniture, Musical Instruments in the production of many process product. This device is a top three, can catch up with three single head wooden engraving machine, a double or three independent woodworking engraving machine, the machining efficiency of a long wooden engraving machine. Except that the most essential difference between the three processes with common single end woodworking machines and woodworking engraving machine the following gap: 1, machine hardware: due to the processing head, using the system, some hardware accessories above will have corresponding change, This is need professional technology to understand) 。 2, operation difficulty, because the three process machine system is to realize the automatic tool change function, the operating system is a larger difference, need professional and technical personnel to guide. 3, processing materials: single end woodworking engraving machine can processing, three processes can be processing, processing of the two materials. Can say, for example, a variety of wood, acrylic, double color boards, PVC density board, artificial marble and aluminum plate, and other soft metal, carved machine still use three processes. 4, the applicable scope: all kinds of doors, Windows, cabinets, screens, the furniture of carve patterns or designs on woodwork and some other process, two kinds of machines are can do it, just complicated carpenter works of art and exquisite carving products, advertising single head carving machine will be more trouble to do it.
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