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This can improve the stability of the CNC system of the engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-03-01
The performance of the engraving machine in use is believed to be known by the people who have used it, but many people think that there are still some aspects in use that have not achieved the rational effect of the heart. In fact, there are some ways to solve this situation, that is, to improve the stability of engraving machine numerical control system. The following are specific measures: 1. Software interpolation operation and Windows system are not real-time operating systems, which are suitable for office automation, but not for industrial real-time numerical control, especially when the numerical control system uses software for cutting interpolation operation, once the operator conducts the acceleration and deceleration operation at the cutting inflection point, the cutting process will be interrupted immediately. 2. High-frequency CPU high-frequency CPU has a large amount of heat dissipation, so fans must be used, which often leads to overheating of the numerical control system in summer. 3. Civil fans operate in harsh industrial environments such as dust and high temperature, which will inevitably wear and age, and the service life is very limited. Once the fan is damaged, it will inevitably lead to CPU and motherboard damage. 4. Civil large hard disk with mechanical rotating medium, high-speed rotation leads to fever, vibration causes hard disk damage, easy to be infected with viruses, instability is very high. Everyone can improve the stability of the engraving machine after operating according to the above method, and the later use will also make everyone more satisfied.
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