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The position of the CNC engraving machine control card composition and the function analysis of the parts

by:Transon     2020-04-25
CNC engraving machine the overall structure of the four shaft position control card is shown in figure 1. Mainly made up of three parts: input, output, part and CPLD parts. Input consists of hand vein input, Z pulse feedback input, 20 ordinary special input and 32 road input. The 52 input is mainly used to manage various detection switch, limit switch, back to zero tool lock switch, etc. Signal by photoelectric isolation ( Part of the signal still need plastic) Into the corresponding, the latch and input port, in order to further processing. Output part of output control various feed axis servo system of instruction pulse, another for D/A output, control the spindle servo system; 32 road digital output switch is mainly used to control the cooling system and lubricating system, enabling each axis servo system, etc. CPLD parts are an integral part of the position control card, mainly realize the following functions: ( 1) According to the upper machine ( PC104) Instructions to produce a specific frequency and number of pulses, and passed to four feed axis ( X,Y,Z,C) Servo drive, pulse control method of controlling the motor; ( 2) Provide PC interpolation cycle time; ( 3) Instructions according to the upper machine, the realization of input and output part of the selected decoding function; ( 4) Light insulation, plastic hand four times the frequency pulse signal after learning to count. Engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control network.
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