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The daily maintenance of carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Whatever mechanical and maintenance on time can effectively maintain its work efficiency and product quality. Engraving and milling machine is not exceptional also, in the preservation of engraving and milling machine accessories length is often important. Engraving and milling machine on the failure is due to a topic on parts, if you found the problem handled in time, can avoid the spillover. If you turn a blind eye, can cause very big loss. So the engraving and milling machine length is often important for the maintenance of spare parts. 1, in the manipulation of carving and milling machine, to ensure the guide rail surface clean, do not have a chip, such as grinding grain on the above, if any, will increase the friction of guide rail, can also lead to rust etc. Need to schedule for maintenance and maintenance guide. 2, guide rail need to keep the lubrication, avoid friction, etc on the topic, lead to an elevated temperature. Guide rail is generally automatic lubrication, if found no lubrication, guide will need to check that the purge valve. 3, every day must check guide rail lubricating oil quantity, if the oil is not enough, should add lubricating oil; At the same time pay attention to check whether the oil pump start timing and inactivity, and provide lubricating oil can keep an eye on startup. 4, processing of graphite and ceramic etc. , please use the graphite carving and milling machine. Due to the processing of graphite and ceramic materials, processing dust big, easily into the guide rail, affect the service life. In carving and milling machine manipulation close close attention in use process, timely maintenance can keep running effect of carving and milling machine, prolong its service life, ensure the quality of machining.
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