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The correct use of laser engraving machine 12 points for attention

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Takeaway: 12 matters needing attention of laser engraving machine laser engraving machine will also be a kind of laser marking machine. On the use and maintenance of the need to master methods and careful maintenance, can let the machine more stable. 12 matters needing attention of laser engraving machine laser engraving machine will also be a kind of laser marking machine. On the use and maintenance of the need to master methods and careful maintenance, can let the machine more stable. 1, the good grounding laser power, laser engraving machine machine tool bed body must have a good grounding protection, ground application is less than 4 Ω special ground. The need for grounding is: ( 1) To guarantee the normal work of the laser power supply, 2) Can prolong the service life of laser tube, ( 3) Can prevent the interference caused by the machine tool to beat, 4) To prevent accidental high-pressure discharge circuit damage. 2, laser engraving machine to clear whether use tap water or water circulating pump of cooling water, must keep clear of the water. Cooling water is taken away the heat generated by the laser tube, the higher the temperature, the lower the light output power ( In a 15 - 20 ℃ temperature is preferred) ; Water pipe caused by the laser cavity inner product heat when they burst, and even damage the laser power supply. So feel free to check whether the cooling water flow is very necessary. When the pipe is hard to fold ( Die bending) Or fall off, so that when the pump failure, must be timely repair, in order to avoid power down and even cause equipment damage. 3, cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation, at any time wipe machine cleaning and maintenance, is essential for the machine to work properly. Imagine the person not flexible joints, also what action? Similarly, the core components machine tool guideway is high precision, after completion of each work must be clean, maintain smooth lubrication; Each bearing and oil regularly, so that the flexible drive, processing precision, prolong the service life of the machine tool. 4, environment temperature and humidity environment temperature should be in 5 - 35 ℃ range. Special note: if used in the environmental conditions well below freezing point, must do: ( 1) Prevent circulating water freezes, the laser tube must be thoroughly after downtime will water light; ( 2) When switched on, the laser current preheating 5 minutes or more to get to work, in the rainy and humid environment, laser power supply is more need to preheat time longer, does ability after platoon is wet and high pressure, in case of high voltage circuit breakdown. 5, the correct use of 'laser high voltage' key button called 'laser and high pressure,' laser power supply is in standby state, touching the 'manual' or computer wrong operation, send out the laser, inadvertently hurt and objects. So the requirements on each job, such as discrete processing, shall, from time to time, turn off the 'laser high pressure', ( The laser current can not pass) And machine operator forbidden to leave at work, in order to avoid accidents, suggested that continuous working time is less than 5 hours, can rest 30 points in the middle. 6, away from the big power and strong vibration equipment sudden power interference, sometimes cause machine failures, although rare, but should be avoided. As a result, such as large welding machine, giant electric mixer and large power transmission and transformation equipment, should be far from them. Vibration equipment is more obvious, such as forging press, walking close of motor vehicles caused by vibration, such as the ground of the apparent jitter for precise carving is bad. 7, lightning-proof attacks as long as the building lightning-proof measures are reliable. This section first can also help lightning-proof 'well grounded'. Special advice: the net electrical instability in the region ( Such as voltage fluctuation more than 5%) , please users to install a capacity of at least 3000 w above regulated power supply, prevent sudden fluctuation burned circuit or a computer. 8, maintain the stability of the control PC. Control PC is mainly used for carving equipment control use. In addition to add necessary graphic design software, don't please do special plane. Because the computer equipped with CARDS and antivirus, firewall will seriously affect the control machine speed. Please don't install antivirus and firewall on the control data communication for the network card, please disable the network card before start the engraving machine. Guide the maintenance: guide in the process of movement, by processing materials will produce large amounts of dust. Maintenance method: first, the guide rail with cotton on the original lubricating oil and dust wiping, wipe clean, then in the guide rail surface coated with a layer of lubricating oil and the side. Maintenance period: about a week. Fan maintenance: fan at work after a period of time, in the fan and the exhaust duct can accumulate a large amount of dust, dust will affect the efficiency of fan exhaust, causing a lot of smoke. Maintenance methods: loosen the exhaust duct and the fan connection hose hoops, exhaust duct, clean up the dust from the exhaust duct and the fan. Maintenance cycle: a month or so. Screw fastening: motor system in the work after a certain period of time, movement joint can produce loose screws, screw loosening, can affect the mechanical movement stability. Maintenance methods: with the tool of attached with fastening screws one by one. Maintenance cycle: a month or so. Lens of maintenance: machine at work after a period of time, the lens will be due to the work environment on the surface of a layer of ash, which can reduce the reflection mirror reflectance and transmittance of lens, will ultimately affect the work of the laser power. Maintenance methods: dip in with cotton wool ethanol along the clockwise direction to wipe the lens surface, gently wipe the dust. In conclusion laser engraving machine note we should often do, so to our machine can greatly improve the life and work efficiency
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