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The characteristics of the CNC carving and milling machine tool

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Engraving and milling machine, just as its name implies, can be carved, and milling. If only carved, not processing steel materials, hard materials, it is just a general sense of engraving machine, as we common to, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, embossing machine, soft metal engraving machine. These machine have a common feature is what processing is very soft, steel material and main shaft power requirements for machine tools is not high, so most of these machine tools were lighter generally not more than a ton. Accuracy is not high also, also do not have much on the selection of cutting tool on the exquisite. And engraving and milling machine, engraving machine with much difference is a function of milling. Engraving machine engraving and milling machine also can saying is the large size. If a line must be drawn, and we feel is more suitable for a specific data are given, which is able to milling steel material, each time can reach more than 10 silk under the knife, the spindle will not be jammed, don't wait for a phenomenon, the machine can often period normal processing. Gong aluminum material, copper material 8 mm under the knife is a knife of 40 - 50 silk. Spindle power reached five. 5 kw, the machine is about 3 t. The CNC carving and milling machine tool is the true sense of the engraving and milling machine.
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