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The application of computer engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Computer engraving machine, by computer engraving machine engraving machine controller and the host of three parts. Working principle of computer engraving machine, computer engraving machine through a computer configuration in the special engraving software to carry on the design and layout, and the design and layout of the information by computer automatically sent to carving machine controller, and then by the controller can convert the information to drive stepper motor or servo motor with a power signal, Pulse sequence) , control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axes carving knife subgrade diameter. At the same time, the engraving machine engraving head spins, by processing materials configuration tool, for fixed on the host workstation's processing materials for cutting, carving it out in the computer design of various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to realize the automatic carving homework. The application of computer engraving machine: 1, computer engraving machine is now widely used in various industries. In advertising and building decoration industry, the use of computer engraving machine is the computer lettering make again after takeoff. Computer engraving machine can engrave the market rate is higher and higher, double color plate products are moving into the epidemic periods. 2 in display signs, market is becoming more and more high quality requirements. Some production requires a computer engraving. In the United States, the popularity of carving machine has been as the copier, many large companies to become the necessary office supplies, used for company employee badges, motto card such as the production of all kinds of signs. Compared with the traditional way, computer engraving function more standardized, more easily to produce fine durable sign pattern. Because of non-standard processing and many varieties, small batch, fine processing business, more and more quickly, which only USES the numerical control processing business to complete processing equipment, computer engraving machine is can meet the above requirements and low-cost high-precision numerical control equipment. Also, all kinds of decorative material emerge in endlessly, can be used for carving material more and more, make computer engraving machine has a bigger place. 3, in the advertisement decoration industry, this year to have a large number of USES computer lettering, and the use of computer engraving machine is just beginning. Computer lettering can only use a knife, processing materials is also limited to paper and film, only simple words and graphics contour cutting on the paper. Computer engraving machine can complete complex computer controlled milling process, dozens of machinable materials, use of nearly hundred kinds of engraving cutter, therefore, the application scope of computer engraving machine also will continue to expand. 4, computer engraving machine is a CAD/CAM integration of typical products. Computer engraving machine set editing, typesetting, carving the functions in an organic whole, can conveniently in various materials ( Such as organic glass, PVC board, ABS board. Multilayer board, double color board, foam board, PCB printed circuit board, high elasticity, low melting point class soft material, rubber, light guide plate, metals, mahogany, teak and other hard wood, marble, white marble, etc. ) On a lifelike sculpture, delicate, durable two-dimensional graphics words and three-dimensional relief. Computer engraving machine as a kind of automatic processing equipment, must want to have a professional set for the integration of CAD/CAM carving software as support. Engraving machine in all areas of deep penetration of carving aided design and processing software put forward more and more high request.
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