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The application fields of CNC engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC engraving machine application field is very broad, mainly used in: 1. Advertising and gift manufacturing, used for carving plexiglass, three-dimensional signs, all kinds of double-color board panels, organic board, double color figures, statues and reliefs medal reliefs, three-dimensional door head word, etc. 2. Model manufacturing, making sand table model, model of buildings, etc. 3. Mold manufacturing, carved button embossing mold, printing and hot stamping mold, injection mold, stamping mold, shoe mold, etc. 4. Wood industry, design and production of CNC engraving machine is used for the embossed designs. 5. PCB circuit in new product development production, drilling, slotting, etc. 6. Seal industry, CNC engraving machine carving all kinds of fonts and all kinds of material. 7. Edm machine tool electrode carving processing. 8. Mechanical processing industry, scale and scale label. 9. The automotive industry, tire mold, lamp mould and mould processing ornament. And with a variety of new decoration material appear constantly, more and more materials can be used for carving, makes the CNC engraving machine with a bigger place, therefore, the application scope of computer numerical control carving machine also will continue to expand.
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