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The advantages of laser engraving machine carved on the leather

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Laser engraving machine is a kind of laser cutting and using CO2 laser carving a whole actual call laser engraving cutting machine is most suitable for laser equipment. Because this kind of laser equipment can cut non-metal material can also be carved acrylic plexiglass these hard material. As long as the laser cutting machine refers to the large laser cutting metal cutting equipment. Due to cut metal material if need high power laser energy by reducing the laser energy down carved use is a pyrrhic victory.

if the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine is easy to confuse or design and their organizations and the state of the are very much alike when doing things. Is the design of the x, y axis movement was used to control the movement of the laser, laser energy to the products above, make the products have a cut or a state of half cut. Is half cut a little look not to understand ah, be moved back and forth doesn't cut the materials, it is not the behavior of the carving? This is the laser engraving machine? Say the right you also want to determine ra.

the advantages of laser engraving machine carved leather

leather industry use laser engraving machine has broken the traditional manual and electric cutting speed is slow, difficult to typesetting, the problem of low efficiency and material waste is serious. The characteristics of the high speed, simple operation, for the development of leather industry has brought the very big benefit. Laser engraving machine cutting graphics and just put size input to the computer, laser engraving machine will according to the data on the computer you use the whole material cutting into a finished product you need. Without tools, also do not need the mold, at the same time, also can help you save a lot of human resources. So the laser engraving machine is also widely used in leather industry.

leather processing cutting engraving equipment selected laser equipment factory for it, the edge not scorched black hair is yellow. High precision carving fine patterns. Details please consult - 4000 818 - 380

laser engraving machine application in leather industry are called laser perforation, most used in the instep, the handbag, leather gloves, bags and so on. To cancel or cut craft punch, surface pattern.

laser engraving machine relative to the compared with traditional cutting way there are many advantages: cut it out of the leather edge is not yellow, also automatic boundary or edge, not deformation, not hard, consistent and accurate size; Can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer graphic design, can cut any shape of various sizes lace; For workpieces without mechanical stress; Safety operation, simple maintenance, etc.

due to the laser and the combination of computer technology, the user as long as the good design patterns on the computer, you can output and carving graphics can change at any time, to realize the idea of the design and the product. It can be said that the emergence of laser engraving machine, greatly promote the development of leather industry.
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