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Pioneer skyriver - The application of the 3 nm in blood sugar test paper

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Pioneer skyriver - 3 nm appeared with a history of nearly 30 years, with high precision, high speed, good stability, especially the half cut is very accurate and is widely used in the control of non-metallic material cutting.

pioneer skyriver - 3 nm key parts are international brands, metal rf tube is set rf circuit and resonant cavity is one of the enclosed CO2 gas laser; Laser power supply and signal voltage are dozens of low voltage (v Dc) Voltage, filtering and so on protection circuit is very mature and perfect! Light spot diameter is only a third of the similar equipment and special stability, long service life and key parts laser can use repeat again! The cooling way for air cooling. High stability can work continuously for a long time; High integration; Advanced control system, modularization design, all drawing software output directly.

pioneer skyriver - 3 nm in the application of blood sugar test paper has a long history, its for blood sugar test paper one of the indispensable equipment in the manufacturing process. Its main for blood sugar test paper cutting, PET and hydrophilic membrane in hydrophilic membrane rbis, PET square hole cut in relation to health into how fast and how much, and this is the key factor influencing the accuracy of the blood glucose test; The pioneer skyriver - 3 nm with a small cutting weld edge, features of high precision and good stability can achieve good health of speed control and speed.

that's small make up to pioneer skyriver - 3 nm in the introduction of the application of the blood sugar test paper, hope you know about blood sugar test paper cutting for help. At present, the pioneer skyriver - 3 nm has now been applied in some famous blood sugar test paper enterprises, detailed understanding of customer service consult laser equipment factory.
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