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Nc skill talents knowledge structure and ability structure analysis

by:Transon     2020-04-26
At present, the production line of all kinds of numerical control talented person there are two main sources: one is bachelor degree, mechanical and electrical integration of the higher vocational colleges and secondary vocational or numerical control technology and other professional graduates, their biggest weakness is the lack of technology experience, at the same time, because the school division of professional courses too narrow, it is hard to meet some enterprises for processing, programming, and maintenance of integrated inter-disciplinary talent requirements. Another choice of personnel from enterprises existing staff in different levels in the numerical control technology, short-term training, in order to meet the urgent need of enterprises for CNC talents. These people are generally needed to have the business process background, abundant practical experience, but knowledge is relatively narrow, especially in computer application technology and do not know much about computer numerical control system. Through research analysis of the manufacturing enterprise, the enterprise demand for numerical control technical personnel has the following three levels. 1. Blue-collar layer CNC operating mechanic: be familiar with machining and nc machining technology knowledge, mastering the operation of the CNC machine and manual programming, automatic programming and simple maintenance of nc machine tools. 2. Gotten layer ( 1) CNC programmers: knowledge of nc machining process and nc machine tool operation, master the complex mould design and manufacture of professional knowledge, familiar with 3 d CAD/CAM software, familiar with CNC programming manual and automatic technology. ( 2) Nc machine tool maintenance and repair personnel: master the mechanical structure of nc machine tools and electrical and mechanical alignment, the control of nc machine tool operation and programming, familiar with the characteristics of all kinds of CNC system, software and hardware structure, PLC and parameter setting, proficient in numerical control machine mechanical and electrical debugging and maintenance. 3. Jinling layer CNC generalist: part have the operation mechanics and proficient in numerical control, numerical control programming and numerical control the maintenance, the maintenance personnel need to master comprehensive knowledge, and in practice has accumulated a large number of practical experience, knowledge is very wide. Proficient in mechanical structure design of nc machine tool and numerical control system of electrical design, control of CNC machine electrical and mechanical alignment. To complete their own selection, numerical control machine tool of numerical control system and electrical system design, installation, debugging and maintenance. Can independently accomplish the numerical control machine tool. Different types of enterprises, for the above three levels of nc technical personnel have different requirements. Over the next few years & quot; Blue-collar layer & quot; Demand quantity is big, but the ratio will be decreased, & quot; Gotten layer & quot; Numerical control talented person demand ratio increases, & quot; Jinling layer & quot; Numerical control technology talents demand will be more urgent. Engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control network.
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