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Laser equipment factory introduction to advertising the application of laser engraving machine and testing

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Advertising, laser engraving machine not only in the advertising industry has been used very widely, but also can use it in other industries. In the market now is very much the kinds of laser engraving machine, also each are not identical in terms of quality, so how do you know buy laser engraving machine performance is good or bad, how to test its performance?

in the working process or through some directly observed discharge situation of laser tube, the color of the arc discharge, stability and strength, etc. , if discover the abnormal discharge, the basic can be concluded that the cause of the problem of the laser tube level before the failure or malfunction.

advertising laser engraving machine is a kind of universal carved processing equipment, mainly used in the breastpiece processing, crystal engraving, 3 d character sculpture, sand production, light boxes, a sculpture processing, processing and relief of text and pattern on the sculpture processing, processing area is small, so is very exquisite carving fine degrees.
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