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How to set the engraving depth of engraving machine knife?

by:Transon     2020-04-05
How to set the depth of engraving for the lower knife? 1, knife pressure problem, adjust the knife pressure to the appropriate range. 2. The cutter of the word machine is an eccentric cutter with an eccentric value, so the word cutting will not be closed. The solution requires 'closing compensation' to be set in the software '. 3. Due to the large driving power and high speed of the motor of the punt word cutter, the adjustment of the speed during word cutting should be set according to the size of the word. Generally, when cutting small characters with high precision and smoothness, the speed cannot be higher than 40. General cut word, available 50-Speed in 60th gear. Cut big words, when the quantity is large and the time is tight, high speed (70,180) , But the motor running step distance is large, there will be obvious Sawtooth generation. Therefore, the speed should be set according to the specific situation.
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