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How to maintain the engraving machine during the high temperature period in summer?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Engraving machines need maintenance under any circumstances, because only maintenance can continuously prolong their service life, especially in the high temperature period in summer, so how to carry out effective maintenance, this is very important. A high temperature may cause a series of failures during the maintenance process. During the maintenance of the engraving machine, there may be a pause or a related increase or decrease in speed anytime and anywhere. It is necessary to continuously adjust the depth, moreover, we should look at their different carving materials. Relatively speaking, they are suitable for comprehensive maintenance in different industries, and high-speed water-cooled variable frequency Motors should be used for comprehensive maintenance, moreover, they will have lower noise or higher frequency. Generally speaking, their life span is also very long. When the engraving machine is maintained, everyone should also look at their continuous work, whether they have strong adaptability and whether the accuracy is particularly high, every day in the process of work, we should also look at their working hours. It is best to ensure that they work less than ten hours a day, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that all the operations inside are in line with normal work, and to see if the whole motor will have some water shortage, and to replace them regularly, prevent the water temperature from being too high, causing the whole mechanical equipment to fail. Every time after the engraving machine is used, it must be cleaned up, relevant dust treatment should be done on the whole transmission system, and lubricating oil should be added to them regularly, if it is not used for a long time, the flexibility of the system must also be guaranteed.
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