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High speed engraving and milling machine and CNC engraving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Many people have heard of engraving machine, but still more strange for carving and milling machine, engraving and milling machine can engraving, can also be milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools, it makes up for the carving machine will not be able to process the larger hardness material defects. The most common are high speed engraving and milling machine, high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine, etc. Such engraving and milling machine by using the way of numerical control processing, and highlights the advantages of the numerical control processing, processing can achieve security requirements of the roll type, greatly improving the efficiency. Compared with other processing equipment, such as high speed engraving and milling machine CNC engraving and milling machine tool has the following characteristics: 1, high reliability, as a result of the summary line integration density increased, the numerical control, drive components hardwired to reduce, solder joints, plug point and external continuous significantly reduced, so that the fault rates drop dramatically. 2, strong flexibility: because of CNC system hardware is universal, standardized, to the control requirements of different machine, only need to change the system control program of the programmable read-only memory. At the same time, by adopting the modular structure, also facilitate the expansion of system function. 3, strong adaptability, adapt to the so-called flexible, control machine tool is index changes over the production object's ability to adapt. Product processing in numerical control equipment, when the product changes, only need to change the input program of numerical control equipment, can meet the need of the production of new products. And do not need to change the mechanical part and control part of the hardware, and the production process is done automatically. This feature not only meet the current competition in the market of product updates faster, and better solve the single piece and small batch, varied product automation production problems. Adaptability is the most significant advantage of a numerical control equipment and numerical control equipment to the main reason for the emergence and rapid development. 4, electromechanical integration: after using very large scale integrated circuit, nc ark volume was reduced, and the programmable interface, s, M, T ( The spindle transport control, auxiliary function and the cutting tool parameters) Part such as sequence control logic circuit with Nc devices, allowing full control box to enter inside the machine, reduce the area, also facilitate the management of the equipment.
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