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DSP in YF - D6060 fully cover the application of the engraving and milling machine CNC system

by:Transon     2020-04-18
With the development of very large scale integrated circuit and digital signal processing (DSP) in the development of the theory and technology, DSP ( Digital signal processor) Has been widely used in digital communication, voice, image processing, real-time control, biomedical and other fields, and the related discipline, interdisciplinary, and the development of the technology level, the scope of its research and application areas are still in the continually expanding. DSP system has the following characteristics: convenient interface, easy programming, good stability, high reliability, high precision, easy integration, suitable for portable devices, embedded products. Relative to the control system composed of personal computer, it also has the following advantages: 1) Operation of high real-time performance, based on real-time operating system or no operating system, reduce operation time control time delay; 2) High level of integration, reduce cost, small volume, save space; 3) System customization, easy operation; With the expanding of the market, put forward for CNC engraving and milling machine high speed, high precision, stable performance, easy operation, etc. In view of the traditional computer numerical control carving and milling machine has the dependence of the operating system and computer hardware, Sudden software and hardware failures) , considering the advantages of DSP system, yifan, CNC engraving machine co. , LTD try to deal with device, which adopts DSP as the core was designed based on DSP YF— D6060 full cover engraving and milling machine control system to replace the traditional CNC engraving and milling machine ( CNC system) , through the practical application, achieved good effect, and successfully realize the commercialization, market widely. Engraving machine, engraving and milling machine price information such as prices in yifan numerical control net.
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