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Big than woodworking engraving machine control system

by:Transon     2020-04-27
As is known to all, the operation of woodworking engraving machine and its control system is closely linked, summary, woodworking engraving machine control system on the market, small make up that can be roughly classified into three categories: computer control, handle and all-in-one control. A. Computer control: by installed on the computer motherboard PCI slot dimensional macro control card, and d macro software drivers installed on the computer to control the XYZ axis of engraving machine of walking and the rotation of the spindle motor, you can preview the processing effect, can see process track at any time, if the program loading errors can be timely correction; D the macro control system is currently the most widely used in engraving machine control system is system, humanized interface, simple and convenient operation, complete functions, application compatibility is extremely high, all kinds of carving class CAM software can import directly or indirectly. Defect is need to configure a computer alone, but very low to computer configuration request, for customer budget is less, can configure second-hand obsolete computers can. Has launched several versions of the different dimensional macro control software and hardware, including multi-axis linkage. D macro control card. Handle control: which can be in your hands control the movement of the engraving machine. Save a space, do not take up the computer; Defect is relatively troublesome operation, after all, all functions are set in a control panel, operation not skilled easily according to the fault function keys. Widely used with all kinds of engraving machine ( Including four axis linkage) , there is no need to occupy a separate computer, greatly reduces the equipment covers an area of space, in addition to knife more convenient also. Defect is no preview, and other functions, interface intuitive than computers. DSP handle three. All-in-one control: independent unibody design, using the industrial computer, PLC and other integrated control, interface is rich, the function is all ready, to realize multi-axis control and automatic tool change. Is mainly used for high-end engraving machine, machining center, and some of the mould machine carved machine, the anti-interference ability of the control system, as well as all aspects of performance, control accuracy is superior to other categories, such as the system in nc operation system and not the mainstream, but in the engraving machine control system is all-in-one such other mainstream, the disadvantage is that the price on the high side, to be more CNC numerical control machine tool, operational for some customers simple operation is better than the former. All-in-one control for woodworking engraving machine, each have advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of control system, so you must be careful in the choice. Use wood engraving machine cutting users generally choose the all-in-one control, industrial panels, relief and plaids and do customers usually choose is the control of the computer control or handle.
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